Hillel thanks eight Westchester Jewish families who hosted "Hillels at Home"

Eight loving and generous Westchester Jewish families opened their homes to Hillel students on Friday evening November 4th. The project in its third year, is the brain child of Hillels of Westchester lay board member Mindy Feldman. Families and students are interviewed by Mindy and our staff and then matched to make this experience positive and memorable for all. This year the families were Lois Kohn-Claar and Gary Claar, Cindy and Ben Golub, Tara Slone Goldstein and Wayne Goldstein, Mark and Amy Holtzer, Debby Ziering Markowitz and Steve Markowitz, Beth and Gabe Nechamkin, Andrea and Mark Seiden, and Ellen Aschendorf and Robert Shasha.

Host Amy Holtzer had the following comments: "We had a lovely evening Friday with Justin and Leah.  They were both warm and friendly, and helpful, too!  (They arrived while I was still preparing and helped by setting the table, then helped to clear it after dinner.)  Leah already wrote to thank me, and I am following up to find out whether/when they might join us again. My own children are in college at UMass Amherst and UDelaware. I love this idea of the Hillel at Home program." 

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