Ariela Haim's "Christmas" adventure - part of a WUJS Israel post college program.

Purchase College alumna and former Woolf Israel Intern Ariela Haim is participating in a WUJS Israel internship (a five month post college Israel experience). The program is based in the historic and modern cities of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv. WUJS Israel provides graduates with the opportunity to intern with one of Israel's leading companies or develop your artistic talent, while studying Hebrew and the foundations of Judaism and Zionism. WUJS Israel is also the only program that offers to help in your Aliyah process as part of its curriculum.  Here is a brief review of three days (Dec. 25th - Dec. 27th) from Ariela's Facebook status: "Spent Christmas in Bethlehem/West Bank, driven by an Arab driver all day who thought we were Christian, Nazareth to see more Jesus, made a Hannukiah in the ground with church candles in front of a mosque (super pluralistic), Kiryat Shmona, hiked in the Golan, attempted to get into Lebanon and instead hung with Israeli soldiers!"    Stay safe, Ariel!


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Internship Program:

WUJS Israel can provide tailor-made internships that will enhance a resume and set you apart. If you or a recent college graduate you know would like to enhance their professional credentials with an internship in Israel, please contact Amy Gross, Coordinator of Admissions and Recruitment, WUJS Israel Hadassah Program Tel. 1-516-478-9659  Skype: WUJSISRAEL






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