Temple Sholom Teen/Youth Advisor

Added on: Monday, March 14, 2016

Temple Sholom, a 650 member household synagogue in Greenwich, CT is hiring a Teen/Youth Advisor. This is a parttime position. This position may be combined with open positions in the Educational and Ritual Departments. The Teen/Youth Advisor will have 3 main roles at Temple Sholom: BBYO Chapter Advisor; Youth Advisor and B’nai Mitzvah Advisor.

BBYO Chapter Advisor – Temple Sholom is home to a girls BBG chapter and a boys AZA chapter for teens in grades 812. We are looking for chapter advisors. Each chapter usually has 23 advisors. Advisors will:

  •   Attend weekly meetings/events on Tuesdays from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, September – May.

  •   Attend occasional weekend program such as a Kickoff; Shabbat meal; bowling outing; sleepover (night

    before Purim Carnival); to be determined in conjunction with the Teen board.

  •   Attend Regional Events – If we have more than one advisor per chapter, they do not all need to be at each

    regional program.

o Regional Kickoff Event – (Saturday night early Fall)
o 2 Dances – (Saturday night)
o 4 Weekend Conventions (Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon)
o Advisor Training Weekend (Friday – Sunday, early Fall)
o Regional Installations and AZA/BBG Year End sports tournaments (Late May/Early June)

  •   Provide guidance to teens regarding leadership and programming

  •   Communicate with regional staff of BBYO; teens; parents through regular emails and facebook postings.

  • Youth Advisor – Temple Sholom runs monthly programs for our two youth groups; 2nd5th graders and 6th 8th graders. Youth Advisor will:

    •   Plan and run one program/activity per youth group per month (September – May). Each program is 1.5 – 2 hours long.

    •   Responsibilities include: planning, logistics, marketing, staffing B’nai Mitzvah Advisor

      •   Help B’nai Mitzvah students identify a Mitzvah Project

      •   Assist a number of B’nai Mitzvah students with writing their Divrei Torah

      •   Work with Cantor and Ritual Director in identifying students who may need extra tutoring and working

        with them.

        Other opportunities at Temple Sholom for an intern looking for additional responsibilities include:

  •   Teaching adult education classes (during the week and/or on Shabbat)

  •   Colead Friday night services with Cantor

  •   Saturday am Shabbats: Read Torah and Haftorah as needed; deliver sermon/teaching; assist with service

    as needed

  •   Shadow or lead lifecycle events in coordination with senior Rabbi

  •   Pastoral coverage such as Shiva or hospital visits

  •   Summer opportunities for Shabbat and pastoral coverage. 



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