How many Jewish students are enrolled at Purchase College?
An estimated 400 Jewish students are enrolled in Purchase College’s undergraduate programs, out of approximately 3000 students. We can only estimate this number, as such statistics are not collected by the college.

Is there a kosher meal plan?
There is currently no kosher meal plan on campus, as the student population who utilize dining services has not asked for such an option. Hillels of Westchester encourages students to organize around all student needs, kashut observance inclusive. We would be happy to assist students in advocating for such an option. In the meantime, all Hillel events offer kosher food. Students who seek kosher food outside our events can utilize the local Westchester area to find kosher food at delis, grocery stores, and the like.

What is Shabbat like at Purchase College?
Other holiday observances and celebrations?

Our student leaders lead a Shabbat service and kposher dinner once a month. They are open to the community and are very well attended. All Shabbat rituals are included, including candle-lighting, kiddush, handwashing, motzi and birkat hamazon. Hillel also holds an annual latke night for JSA members, and an annual Seder for Passover.

Is there a daily minyan?
There is an informal daily minyan held at Purchase College, led by senior student Daniel Zabib (dzabib@yahoo.com). Times vary, so contact Daniel in advance.

How many students are active in Hillel?
Hillel holds weekly planning meetings that vary in attendance from 5-15 students. There is no formal membership in Hillel; any student or member of the Purchase community is welcome to attend meetings and/or events. Events such as concerts and Shabbat dinner see upwards of 50 students. Many events are cosponsored with other campus groups that see higher numbers of student participants than Hillel-only programs.

Where is Hillel located?

In 2006, Hillel at Purchase was proud to dedicate it’s new lounge space, located in Campus Center North (Room 0025), where we were joined by Hillel student leaders and staff at Purchase College, including President Schwartz. We now hold weekly meetings in that space, and —for the first time— regular Shabbat evening services.

How is Hillel connected to the campus community?
Hillel is recognized as a campus entity through the Purchase Student Government Association and through the activities and staff of Student Affairs. Various departments on campus including the library, Residence Life, and Career Services, recognize and work with Hillel.

Can I visit Hillel at Purchase College?
Can a prospective student visit Purchase College and stay overnight with a Jewish student?
Hillel students would love to host you for a night on campus and take you to classes to get the full experience of being at Purchase College. Just contact Hillel office to be matched with a student. As a prospective student, you would be welcome to attend any of our events if you scheduled your visit accordingly.

How do I become a member of Hillel at Purchase College?
Hillel has no formal membership at Purchase College. Just show up to a meeting or an event to become involved!

How can I support Hillel at Purchase College?
You can support Hillel at Purchase College financially by sponsoring programs above and beyond the budget capabilities of the organization. You can also support Hillel by helping to promote Jewish life on campus through word of mouth, formal advertising, or co-sponsorship of campus programs.

Is there a Judaic Studies Program at Purchase College?
The Jewish Studies Program at Purchase College offers a full array of courses in Jewish history, plus courses in Jewish and Israeli literature, biblical history and historiography, Holocaust studies, Jewish arts, and Hebrew language. Course materials extend from antiquity to the contemporary. The approach is interdisciplinary and involves the faculties of history, literature, and language and culture. Students in any discipline can minor in Jewish studies, and history majors can concentrate in Jewish history.

If I’m interested in going to Israel, how can Hillel help me get there?
Purchase students have participated and continue to participate in the Taglit-birthright israel program through Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. If you are Jewish, between the ages of 18 and 26, and have never been to Israel before on a peer-group trip, you are eligible for a FREE 10 day trip to Israel with students from your campus. Hillels of Westchester sends trips during winter and summer breaks every year.
Visit http://www.israel.hillel.org for registration information. If you are interested in a return trip or you are ineligible for birthright, contact one of our Hillel staff members who can help find a trip that will suit your needs and interests.

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