How many Jewish students are enrolled at Pace University?
An estimated 100 Jewish students are enrolled in Pace University’s undergraduate programs, out of approximately 2500 students on the Pleasantville and Briarcliff campuses. The multi-campus Pace University is home to over 14,000 students, of which some are Jewish. We can only estimate the number of Jewish students because the college application no longer asks for religion and statistics are not made public.

What kinds of student programs are sponsored by the Hillel at Pace University?
Hillel plans programs that are social, educational, spiritual/religious, Israel-related, and community service oriented. The students dictate what programs will be on the calendar, as the organization exists to suit their needs. Currently we have one to two Shabbat Dinners per semester, a Passover Seder, weekly meetings, and many diversity/multi-cultural programs in which we participate.

Is there a kosher meal plan?
There is no kosher meal plan on campus but lots of vegetarian options are available in the cafeterias and other eateries on campus. Shabbat dinners are catered from a kosher vendor on campus as well as some other programs which cater kosher food from off campus.

What is Shabbat like at Pace University?
Other holiday observances and celebrations?

Shabbat is held a few times a year at Pace University. We demonstrate the traditional rituals associated with Shabbat: the candle lighting, prayer over the grape juice, and prayer over the bread. We then have a kosher catered dinner and allow students to engage in a social and/or intellectual discussion. Other holiday observances may include participating in other schools’ activities or participating locally at synagogues or JCCs. Some holidays involve celebrations on campus such as a Passover Seder, Holiday Party, and Purim Party.

How many students are active in the Hillel?
There is a core group of 10-25 students who regularly lead and participate in activities on campus. Up to 100 more attend programming and recognize Hillel as an entity on the campus. No membership is required to attend a Hillel event; all you have to do is show up! All are welcome.

Is there a daily minyan?
There is no daily minyan offered at Pace University but one could form if students were interested in starting one.

Where is the Hillel located?
Hillel does not have a permanent space on the campus at Pace. However, most activities happen in the Kessel Student Center on the Pleasantville campus. Others happen in academic buildings or the residence halls at Pleasantville or Briarcliff. Our staff usually work as guests from the Student Development and Campus Activities office in the Kessel Student Center, but we do not have any office space on the campus at the current time.

Is there a Judaic Studies Program at Pace University?
While there is no official Jewish Studies Program at Pace University, some classes are offered in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department as well as many other resources available in other campus departments Philosophy and Religious Studies Department website:

Classes offered in Religious Studies:

  • Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • The Religions of the Globe
  • Great Ideas in Western Religious Thought
  • Great Ideas in Eastern Religious Thought
  • The Bible: Hebrew Scriptures
  • The Bible: Christian Scriptures
  • Special Topics in Religious Studies
  • Independent Studies

Dyson College of Arts and Sciences Center for Religious Studies website:

Researching the Jewish Holocaust:

Office of Diversity Programs: Books: Jewish Studies:

Can I visit the Hillel at Pace University?
Can a prospective student visit Pace University and stay overnight with a Jewish student?

As mentioned in a previous answer, Hillel has no permanent space on campus, but a staff or student member would be happy to greet you on campus or give you a tour of the school. If you wish to stay overnight in the residence halls with a Jewish student, or sit in on any classes, please contact one of our Hillel staff members to arrange your visit.

How do I become a member of the Hillel at Pace University?
Hillel at Pace University has no formal membership necessary. All members of the campus community are welcome to attend our events.

How can I support the Hillel at Pace University?
You can support the Hillel at Pace University by donating your funds and/or time to Hillels of Westchester. Your generous donations sponsor programs run by students for students. You can also support Hillel at Pace in a non financial way by promoting the group in a positive light and/or cosponsoring a program with us on campus.

How is the Hillel connected to the campus community?
Hillel is going to be an official club on campus recognized by the Student Association by the end of the year. In the meantime, Hillel has a great reputation with various departments on campus including the SDCA office, the Dean’s Office, the Office of Diversity Programs, and academic departments.

If I’m interested in going to Israel, how can the Hillel help me get there?
Pace students have participated and continue to participate in the Taglit-birthright israel program through Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. If you are Jewish, between the ages of 18 and 26, and have never been to Israel before on a peer-group trip, you are eligible for a FREE 10 day trip to Israel with students from your campus. Hillels of Westchester sends trips during winter and summer breaks every year.
Visit http://www.israel.hillel.org for registration information. If you are interested in a return trip or you are ineligible for birthright, contact one of our Hillel staff members who can help find a trip that will suit your needs and interests.

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